•  Throws baseball-size polyballs (whiffleballs)
    – safe for backyards and large indoor areas

•  Pitches Fastballs, Curves & Sliders

•  Speeds from 20-60 MPH
    – simulates 90 MPH at 40 ft pitch distance

•  Automatic ball feeder holds 24 balls
    – can be removed for manual feeding

•  Battery model lasts up to four hours per charge
    – Charger included for internal rechargeable battery

•  Used by high schools and colleges for indoor practice

•  Comes with FREE box of 24 polyballs

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External AC Power Supply – Runs Battery model from AC power ($125).

External Battery Pack – Provides up to 8 extra hours of use for Battery model ($195).

Box of 24 Polyballs – Baseball size ($45)


Baseball Tutor is backed by a three year warranty covering all parts and labor with no exceptions. Extended warranties available.

Pitch Speed 20 to 60 mph
Recommended Ball Baseball-size Polyballs or Foam Balls
Pitch Distance 30 to 40 ft
Dimensions 11”W x 16”D x 17”H
Pitch Height 5 ft or 3 ft
Weight 21 lbs (AC), 27 lbs (DC)
Power (AC Model) 115V standard grounded outlet
Power (DC Model) 12V internal rechargeable battery
Warranty 3 years

Specifications subject to change without notice.


Models & Prices

Baseball Tutor – AC$945  add to cart

Baseball Tutor – Battery$945  add to cart

Prices subject to change without notice.

Polyball Tutor

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